Duty to Consult

What is the Duty to Consult?

The duty to consult with Aboriginal Peoples is a legal and constitutional duty of both the federal and provincial governments.

The Crown alone is legally responsible for the consequences of its actions and interactions with third parties that affect Aboriginal interests. The Crown may delegate procedural aspects of consultation to industry proponents seeking a particular development but the honour of the Crown cannot be delegated.

The “Government of Alberta’s First Nation’s Consultation Policy on Land Management and Resource Development” (2013) outlines the Province’s expectations. Industry is expected (required) to engage in an open and respectful consultation process with First Nation Communities when proposed projects overlap with traditional territories. Resource developers should provide early notification to the appropriate First Nation communities, address their concerns and ensure that they are reasonably well informed about the proposed development. Further, the Province of Alberta recommends industry incorporate traditional use data and traditional ecological knowledge into the planning and operational phases of their projects. Most significantly, industry is expected to avoid infringing on Aboriginal rights and traditional uses. Where avoidance is not possible, industry is expected to make “reasonable efforts” at mitigating both anticipated and realized impacts.

The Stoney Nakoda Nations’
Consultation Office

The Stoney Nakoda Nations (SNN) Consultation Office established in 2007, represents the three distinct Stoney Nakoda Nations (“SNN”) comprised of the Bearspaw First Nation, Chiniki First Nation and Goodstoney First Nation that are situated on; the Stoney Indian Reserves #142,143,144 at Morley, Alberta; the Eden Valley Indian Reserve #216; the Rabbit Lake Indian Reserve #142B; and the Bighorn Reserve #144A. The SNN were signatories to Treaty 7 in 1877. Stoney Nakoda is an Indian Band, defined under the Indian Act.

The Chiefs and Councils of the SNN have the authority to protect the collective rights and interests of the SNN as recognized by Treaty 7 and the Natural Resources Transfer Act, 1930, and protected by Section 35 of the Constitution Act, 1982 (collectively known as “Section 35 Rights”).


All “off reserve” consultation activities should be addressed to:

William Snow

Acting Director of Consultation

Stoney Tribal Administration
P.O. Box 120,
Morley, AB, T0L1N0
Cell: 587 580 6212


Cathy (Baptiste) Arcega

Project Analyst/Coordinator

Stoney Consultation Office

Office: 403.881.2618
Cell: 403.874.4466


* For ease of processing, proponents should review the Stoney First Nation Land Claim Area Map, the Stoney Nakoda Traditional Land Map and include a completed Stoney Information Letter Form with submissions.

Stoney First Nation Land Claim Area Map
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Stoney Nakoda Traditional Land Map
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Stoney Information Letter Form
182 KB

Publications and Reports

    The Bison Cultural Project in Mînî Rhpa Mâkoche or Banff National Park

    The Bison Cultural Project, led by William Snow, Acting Director of Stoney Consultation at Stoney Tribal Administration, brings together Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Western science to redefine a more holistic approach to conservation and land management. The film serves as a powerful tool to raise awareness about this unique collaboration between the Stoney Nakoda First Nation and Parks Canada and its significance in promoting Indigenous cultural heritage and ecological sustainability.

    The Stoney Nakoda Consultation Office is supported by Consultation Officers appointed by each of the three Nations comprising the Stoney Nakoda Nations.

    Bearspaw First Nation

    Gavin Ear
    Bearspaw Consultation Officer, Morley
    Email: gavine@stoney-nation.com
    Cell: 403.969.2868

    Larry Daniels Jr.
    Eden Valley Consultation Officer
    Email: ldaniels@stoney-nation.com
    Cell: 403.333.3440

    Chiniki First Nation

    Conal Labelle
    Chiniki Consultation Officer, Morley
    Email : conall@stoney-nation.com
    Cell : 587-228-8711

    Goodstoney First Nation

    Chris Goodstoney
    Goodstoney Consultation Officer, Morley
    Email: chrisg@stoney-nation.com
    Phone: 403-881-4257
    Cell: 403-369-0432

    Barry Wesley
    Big Horn Consultation Officer
    Email: barryw@stoney-nation.com
    Cell: 403-846-8781