State of Local Emergency and Necessary Procedures – Stoney Nakoda Nation – January 11, 2021


Monday, January 11, 2021

State of Local Emergency and Necessary Procedures – Stoney Nakoda Nation


An emergency exists within the First Nation of Stoney Nakoda due to the global pandemic of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). The Director of Emergency Management has been empowered to act on behalf of the Stoney Tribal Council.

The Director of Emergency Management in consultation with other members of the Incident Command Team have determined that a state of emergency exists within the Stoney Nakoda Nations of Morley, Big Horn and Eden Valley due to the unprecedented increase in Covid-19 positive cases. The Stoney Nakoda People will be at high risk of infection causing a potential loss of life as well as taxing the available local resources.

Stoney Tribal Council has declared a State of Local Emergency effective immediately.

A BCR has been signed to implement all procedures that are considered necessary to prevent or to alleviate the effects of the health emergency, including:

  • Designate the use of any land or property considered necessary to prevent, respond to or alleviate the effects of an Such as the use of churches, gyms, places of gatherings (inside or outside)
  • Control or prohibit travel to or from any designated area including other Nations as deemed necessary to limit the spread of the Covid-19
  • To engage enforcement authorities both internal (Nakoda Security), and external (RCMP, et al) to apply Provincial mandates and penalties regarding isolation, quarantine, and
  • Stoney Tribal Chiefs, Council, Administrators, and staff are not to attend any type of service or
  • No house to house visiting or gatherings of any
  • Schools will remain at Scenario three until further
  • A curfew shall exist between the hours of 8PM until 6AM except for work, health, or emergency purposes. Nation members will stay at home during the curfew
  • After 11:59 PM Tuesday January 12th on-nation funerals and wakes will no longer be allowed. Virtual funeral services are encouraged, and all remains must go from the funeral home to the burial site.