Stoney Nakoda

Public Works

Stoney Nakoda Public Works – Morley, is responsible for maintenance of Nation roads, water delivery to homes with cisterns, solid waste (garbage) collection from all Nation member homes, and septage waste services on an as called basis.

Road Maintenance

Road maintenance includes grading, snow clearing, gravelling, culverts and cattle guards, road signs, and debris clearing.

Water Delivery

Water delivery is the trucked delivery of potable water to all Nation member homes that rely on cisterns.

Solid Waste Collection

Solid waste collection is the weekly collection of all household waste from every Nation member home on the Morley reserve and transporting it to the Morley Waste Transfer Station. Operators at the Morley Transfer Station sort delivered wastes and arrange for transport off site to final disposal sites. Household waste is the biggest volume of waste received at the Transfer Station; this material is hauled to the Spyhill Landfill in Calgary.

Septage Waste Collection

Septage waste collection is the pumping out of Nation members septage holding tanks, on an as call basis. (Normally done by the Bands through private hauler). The septage waste is hauled to the aerated lagoon located at the Morley Wastewater Treatment Plant.

General Office: 403-881-2760
After Hours Emergencies: 403-869-8395

Homer Holloway

Water & Wastewater


Water Truck Deliveries
Septage Waste Truck

Scott Wesley Beaver

Roads & Logistics


Road Maintenance
Vehicle Repairs
Staff Administration


Solid Waste Collection


Transfer Station Operation
Transport to Final Destination