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Flood Update – June 14, 2022

Nakoda Emergency Management is in close contact with the AEMA and Rivers Alberta. Along with Alberta Environment, they are working to determine the next forecasts and have been very accurate so far.

Eden Valley

  • The river is being monitored by officials and is at a flood warning level. The Nakoda Emergency Management personnel are in contact with local leadership and they will advise if the concern or risk grows.
  • There is no need for evacuations at this time.
  • Eden Valley had reported three homes had water related damage overnight.
  • Officials in Eden Valley have plans in place to open a Reception Centre, should evacuations be required.
  • This could be required if the river crests and there is significant overland flooding, causing damage to homes and roads.
  • Rainfall in the Kananaskis is expected to continue. At this time the roads are open and residents are able to travel.
  • The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) is available for emergency and non-emergency responses but is mainly dedicated to medical calls.
  • Local residents can call Housing at 403 819-6330 to report water damage and request assistance.
  • Flood related equipment, tarps pumps and generators were sent to Eden Valley yesterday, Monday, June 13 to assist with basement or overland flooding.


  • Heavy rainfall is predicted to continue throughout the day and decrease in intensity overnight.
  • Nation members are calling the established hotline to report issues. This hotline will continue to operate for the day, the number is 403-554-1443.
  • Nakoda Fire responded to eight leaking roofs or other rainwater related damage last night.
  • Homes that are unable to be patched or repaired by Nakoda Fire are being passed along to the Housing Manager for each Band.
  • Cochrane Search and Rescue is supporting the Emergency Operations Centre at the Stoney Tribal Administration building.
  • Nakoda Fire is operating 24/7 during this event.
  • Nakoda EMS is staffing a third ambulance until Thursday evening.

Bighorn. No flooding concerns at this time.

Thank you!